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Our Story

“A year ago I was on holiday, something that my little family and I did a lot, but this time I could no longer ignore the rubbish on the beach. Ever since that day ridding the ocean of rubbish has been an obsession of mine. Bondi Legs, a sustainable fashion brand was born from this obsession.

As a human and a mum I need to do what I can to help our beautiful planet survive for our future generations. Everything we do at Bondi Legs is to remove rubbish, not make it.” – Breige, founder Bondi Legs 


Breige wearing “Byron” leggings size Small

Breige wearing “Byron” leggings size Small


What makes Bondi Legs different?

“We believe in slow fashion that lasts, so it’s only the best for our sustainable beauties. We sustainably source the most superior materials worldwide, our leggings are made from premium Italian ECONYL® regenerated Nylon yarn and we use only local manufacturers and designers who think consciously about our environment. We make products that make you want to wear rubbish”.

From right Caddie is wearing “Bettys” leggings size small, Azhure is wearing “Bells” leggings size Small and Lasche is wearing “Byron” leggings size Small

From right Caddie is wearing “Bettys” leggings size small, Azhure is wearing “Bells” leggings size Small and Lasche is wearing “Byron” leggings size Small

Now we have you Breige… why sustainability?

“Our oceans are choking in our plastic rubbish. Yet every 11 years we double the amount of plastic we produce. Did you know that only a fifth of plastics globally is being recycled? Considering it takes 450 years for a plastic water bottle to breakdown; this is devastating. I wanted to make recycling plastics sexy, easy and obsession worthy… so I created a fashion brand. We not only use recycled materials in our products, but we think consciously about the way our products are made, packaged and sold”.

Lasche wearing “Byron” leggings size Small

Lasche wearing “Byron” leggings size Small


What’s Next?

“It is our mission to make products that give back to our planet and our customers. The great news is, ECONYL®, the regenerated nylon yarn our leggings are made from, can be regenerated infinitely! It is work in progress but we eventually want to take back your used leggings to regenerate them into beautiful new pieces. Did you hear the word buyback?! I think you did. We will keep you posted”

Who is Breige, Azhure, Caddie and Lasche?

“I am Breige - founder of Bondi Legs, lover of fashion and obsessor of protecting our planet. Caddie, Lasche and Azhure are my gorgeous sisters, together we grew up on the beach”