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Feedback + Fit

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Feedback + Fit


Whats the feedback from the leggings? 
It took us 6 months to design the pattern of our leggings, we wanted it to be perfect. We are so proud of them and since our launch on the 1st of August we have been super excited by all of the orders. Below is some of the feedback from our customers so far.

“Im obsessed with your leggings”

“They smooth out all of my cellulite,I love them!”

“I need them in every colour

We have also had a few calls with

“they are super tight to get on I think I need a size up”. This is something we want you to know - the leggings have compression in them, they are super tight to get on - think skinny jeans crossed with spanks. But we promise you that if you have brought your usual size, see size guide below, they will not only fit but feel a-mazing once you get them on. Squeeze on in girls, the compliments are awaiting.

XS waist 60-67cm hip 80-89cm

S waist 68-74cm hip 90-97cm

M waist 75-80cm hip 98-105cm

L waist 81-87cm hip 105-112cm


We recommend using a tape measure to find your perfect fit.

Waist - this is the area directly above your hipbone. Start measuring from your belly button, bringing it the whole way around your body.

Hips - measure the circumference of your hips. Starting at one hip, measure over the longest part of your butt, all the way around to where you started.

Like Meg, our model, if you have a waist a certain size and a hip another we recommend you buy the smaller size.

Still have a question about sizing? Email us on